In February 2018 the Office of the Associate Provost and Assistant Vice President of Health Affairs was created to increase safety and quality of care across all MSU health care including the colleges of Human Medicine, Nursing and Osteopathic Medicine, Student Health and Wellness, Athletic Medicine, and MSU Health Care, formerly MSU HealthTeam.

The office is charged with setting clear expectations, standardizing patient care, creating policies and procedures that are stringent and consistent throughout MSU, and enhancing health and wellness services across the university. We want to provide a uniform standard of excellence so every patient has the best, safest care every time they come to one of our clinics.

Leading this effort is Norman J. Beauchamp Jr., associate provost and assistant vice president of Health Affairs, and Anthony Avellino, assistant provost for student health, wellness and safety, and chief medical officer of MSU Health Care.

Our Mission:

There are two parts to our Health Affairs mission. First, to honor survivors by creating a culture of safety that which will never again fail students, patients, faculty and staff.  Second, to transform health and become a national model for quality and safety in health care.

The creation of Health Affairs will allow MSU to become the model for an accountable health culture. As a physician whose core value is caring, I feel it’s my obligation to the courageous survivors of sexual abuse to draw upon my experience in university clinical practice management to ensure safe quality care for every patient and every student, every time. To that end, I will be tireless in my efforts to restore the trust and confidence of all the communities we serve.

Norman J. Beauchamp Jr., associate provost and assistant vice president of Health Affairs